The New York based artist blockbuster

The New York based artist blockbuster show, 60 works from the collection of JSMA namesake Jordan Schnitzer, is important to Eugene for several reasons: On the surface, it a reminder that contemporary art is alive, well and relevant. And that good contemporary art can change minds and expose populations to differing perspectives in ways that no other medium can. A show like Emancipating the Past is also an opportunity for a place like the Willamette Valley to reflect on its own racial history and politics through a national lens; how local history like that of Eugene 1951 cross burning targeting an interracial couple and more recent history the 2008 bouts of blackface masked as spirit at Oregon State University as well as the ongoing local celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.

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Down here in Whiteaker we are inundated with beauty that is covered up, overlaid, forgotten, denounced, trounced and pounced upon. Beauty inspires. It has inspired and will inspire. Berben Wolff’s Vegan Delicatessen. 227 Lark St., Albany. Phone: 599 5306.





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