Every round had to go back to the pof so it could be defaced

When some crates were opened at Rawalpindi every round was found to have pof (Pakistan Ordnance Factory) letters stamped on it. There was no way this could be fired in Afghanistan without giving proof that Pakistan was arming the guerrillas. Every round had to go back to the pof so it could be defaced, a task that took three years and cost a lot more money.

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Top of pageConserved synteny and genome evolutionThese three aspergilli provide an opportunity to study eukaryotic genome evolution over a divergence approaching the limit of conserved long range synteny. To characterize pairwise conserved synteny, we used an algorithm based on hierarchical clustering that delineates regions of conserved synteny while also retaining information about internal micro rearrangements (see Methods). Using this method, the majority (77 of each genome assembly could be mapped to conserved syntenic blocks with at least one other genome (Table 2).

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People are working longer hours for lower wages. And almost of all the income and wealth goes to the top 1%. And then on top of that we got a corrupt campaign finance system in which millionaires and billionaires are pouring huge sums of money into super pacs heavily influencing the political process.

Publicly available information indicates that those living in this area earn more than average.Listing prices in Wicker Park rose noticeably 12.4 percent year over year, from $622,697 to $699,937 this year. But, buyers starting their searches should be aware of declining inventory in this area. The number of homes for sale decreased 26 percent year over year, with 131 homes for sale in last year and 97 homes for sale in this year.

A large part of yesterday was spent at the side of my mom’s hospital bed, holding her hand as she writhed in pain resulting from the last of three consecutive back surgeries. These past 5 years have been a slippery slope for her and the long slew of medical issues she’s faced. She went from healthy, bubbly, bright, energetic entrepreneur and artist to pain ridden, wheelchair bound, hardly able to stay coherent.





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