No, it was not my idea (at the time I was actually on the

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Replica Celine Bags Audio Engineering School By Dayve CarterIt is easy to see why there are so many people who have become interested with the world of audio engineering and recording. Ever since the invention of. Decision to go to audio engineering school lightly. As I would learn many years later, the New Jersey native had actually begun honing her chops as a professional singer during the late ’70s. Starting on record with a lead vocal appearance on the fun disco number, “Life’s a Party,” she graced the title track to an album by, who had produced a big hit for Whitney’s mom Cissy called “Think It Over.” Springing from that, Whitney would appear over the next few years in this lead role on projects by disco and funk producers ranging from the cutting edge Material to disco royalty, the late. But it was via two duets in 1984 that the public started to become aware of this talent who dazzled with both her awesome voice and awe inspiring beauty first with on “Hold Me,” then with on “Nobody Loves Me Like You Do.” For the latter, she joined Jackson on the massively popular daytime soap opera, As the Replica Celine Bags.





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