In her retirement, her Pat Summitt Foundation worked

17 and ends March 14, the day before the primary.Of those 7,000, about 14 percent were Democrats who voted Republican, Kale Pesta said. That’s about 1,000 so far.The percentage of Democrats switching parties will grow even more, said board Vice Chairman David Betras, who also is the county Democratic chairman.And it doesn’t concern Betras.”I knew Donald Trump’s message would resonate with blue collar Democrats,” he said. “But once they learn about his record besides him being anti trade they will change their minds in the general election.

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“She was a really friendly person and loved her grandchildren,” Larry Byrd, a family friend, said Monday afternoon while viewing where she was struck. “We heard that the man who was driving the car sees her every morning. I guess he didn’t see her this morning, which is terrible.

Cheap Jerseys from china The “We Back Pat” campaign sprung up overnight upon Summitt’s retirement announcement, going viral worldwide. In her retirement, her Pat Summitt Foundation worked tirelessly to raise funds for cutting edge research for Alzheimer’s and other similar diseases. The Pat Summitt Alzheimer’s Clinic at the University of Tennessee Medical Center is set to open this December.. Cheap Jerseys from china

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