Her husband

Meal prep shop plans to open soon

Her husband, Alexander, said, “She’s always talking about opening a restaurant.”

After their friends told her to make it into a business, everything fell into cheap jerseys place for the pair. She cooks clean meals with three other cooks and he runs the business end of it.

Natural Selection will offer dishes for lunch and dinner, which can range from tequila shrimp and honey sriracha chicken to sirloin steak. There are also vegetarian options that include veggie lasagna or tofu honey sriracha, along with wraps and salads. The shop also offers sides options and snack add ons, such as a fruit parfait.

The food can be picked up in the shop during lunchtime hours, or it can be ordered online, which can be dropped off through their free delivery service, or picked up in the shop with no extra charges.

But, they only deliver within 15 miles of the shop, which can be worked out through the website.

It’s also only lunch and dinner meals for now. But, the pair have plans to someday start a breakfast line, which could include overnight oats or protein waffles.

The main reason for all of this is because they want to help.

“We want people to eat healthy,” Alexander Grow said.

He also realizes that there are a number of people who http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ can’t cook for themselves or may not want to. So, they often go out to eat from fast food joints, which isn’t great. Natural Selection may not be as cheap as the dollar menus, Grow explained, but they do offer good food for a low price.

And you’ll never get bored, Adriana Grow said.

“She’s a flavor master,” Alexander Grow explained, and there are so many options to mix and match through online ordering. Their meals will all be made fresh, and kept in a fridge for the lunch rush.

And, if it is convenient and fast, then consumers have no excuse to keep going to the fast food joints, which Grow plans to take down someday. 12.





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