Saginaw Police were called to the Admiral Gas Station at 2621

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Cheap Jerseys china At the Peppler Funeral Home, 114 S. Main St., Allentown, NJ. Peppler Funeral Home 114 S. SAGINAW, MI (WNEM) The first happened June 6. Saginaw Police were called to the Admiral Gas Station at 2621 Davenport Avenue. Investigators say the suspect showed a weapon, and demanded the victim hand over cash.On June 7 officers were called to the 7 Eleven at 2032 Bay Rd in the City of Saginaw for another armed robbery where the suspect demanded cash.The suspect in both robberies is described as a man about 20 years old, standing 5’7″ and weighing about 150 pounds.No one was harmed during either incident. Cheap Jerseys china

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