The winning ticket was bought at the Dearborn Amoco Service

Nighttime is lively, and the entire world takes to the streets and fills the outdoor cafes and shaded squares. Young families with gelato eating children join strolling couples and small groups of bar hopping friends. Everyone winds up at the colored Bellagio like dancing fountains in Republic Square that infuse the city with a holiday air.

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$159,835 Fantasy 5 jackpot won on April 26. The winning ticket was bought at the Dearborn Amoco Service Station, located at 22096 Michigan Avenue in Dearborn. $124,294 Fantasy 5 jackpot won on Dec. Considering that I don’t have a violent reaction to existence and neither do many atheists (I find it for the most part quite beautiful and pleasant), this is a complete failure of an argument. The human condition has steadily improved from the dawn of humanity to now. Certainly there is still evil in the world (MY definition of evil, not some universal godly definition), but it is far outweighed by the good in the world relative to how we used to behave in our history.

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