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An artist’s concept of the distribution of the ambient gas around IRAS 16547 4247. The central high density gas cloud is thought to contain multiple high density protostars. Two outflows of gas spurt from the central part in the vertical and horizontal directions respectively while pushing the ambient gas away, which makes a balloon like structure.

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Parker will retire as one of the Broncos’ greats. In the 29 year history of the Broncos he has been their finest lock. In the37 year history of Queensland State Of Origin football he is, alongside Bob Lindner, one of their two greatest locks of all time.

Others have joined that +/ $200 X58 club in recent months, but the GIGABYTE still provides excellent value and is now selling with a rebate that reduces the price to $180. Test results and user reports for the GIGABYTE EX58 UD3R are very favorable. This low priced X58 board also excels in overclocking, which is why it remained the motherboard choice for the performance midrange Intel system.

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