Due to the slow movement of food in the gastrointestinal tract

It is advisable to ensure that you purchase a Bluetooth headset which you take on or off with ease especially when it comes to answering unexpected calls. You should also ensure that the headset connects fast so that you do not miss any call if your headset is not set up already. You should also ensure that the headset sits comfortably on both ears and if you happen to be having glasses on, ensure that the headset lies comfortably on them..

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Once you experience the ease of not having to strain and squint to focus, you will experience a better quality of life, free of headaches and sore eyes. Before you go ahead and buy replica ray ban sunglasses, however, be sure to hold any potential glasses up to the light to make sure that there are no obvious distortions or wavy lines in the lens. Badly made reading glasses could actually cause problems with your sight..

As you baby grows, every organ in your abdomen has to move out of its normal position to accommodate the growth and expansion of your womb. The intestines can become squashed, and may not be able to contract in its normal manner as it pushes its contents through loops of bowel. This is another reason why constipation and pregnancy are related..

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