3 LSU, 34 14 to claim the SEC title

Louis County Sunday afternoon has a connection to Douglas County. The man who died, Garrett Kyle Yell, 25, of Rice Lake Township near Duluth, is the son of Arlen and Cindi Yell of Alexandria. He and his wife, Chrissy, are both graduates of Jefferson High School in Alexandria.

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SEC Network Takeover (SECNTakeover) continues Friday, July 3, with the Georgia Bulldogs taking over the national television network for 24 hours. Shockley the Bulldogs have selected eight marquee television events from the vault in addition to four films which include “Miracle 3”, followed by the full version of a game featured in the film (the 2008 SEC Men’s Basketball Championship), and “Herschel Walker” followed by his 1981 Sugar Bowl game.2005 SEC Football Championship LSU vs. Shockley earned game MVP honors as 13 Georgia upset No.3 LSU, 34 14 to claim the SEC title..

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