I trained for a year and then it happened and it really was an

Walker confirmed to The Associated Press that what he told the newspaper was true, but declined further comment.Attorneys for Crutcher’s family said the man’s relatives did not know whether drugs were found in his vehicle and, even if they were, that wouldn’t justify his fatal shooting.”Let us not be throwing a red herring, and to say because something was found in the car that was justification to shoot him Cheap Jerseys free shipping,” said attorney Benjamin Crump, one of the family’s lawyers.Crump compared Crutcher’s shooting to Monday’s arrest of New York bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami, who police say engaged officers in a shootout.[See also Eagles win seventh straight ]”He wasn’t killed. So why was an unarmed black man who has committed no crime, who only needs a hand, given bullets in his lungs?” Crump said.Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby fatally shot the 40 year old Crutcher on Friday after responding to a report of a stalled vehicle. Sgt.

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