Aurora Energy

Matt Burdick, Aurora Energy, LLC district heat manager, explains the district heat hot water hook up, right, recently installed at the Elks Lodge, next to its old oil burning multi boiler system, left, Thursday afternoon, January 9, 2014. The lodge is one of several structures recently added to Auroras district heat grid, which includes both hot water and steam heat. In addition to being cheaper per million Btus and virtually maintenance free, hot water and steam heat are100 percent efficient with zero emissions, unlike other conventional heating systems with lower efficiency and varying emissions.

Rayon is the most difficult fabric to care for, said Jacqueline Stephens, a textiles analyst for the International Fabric Care Institute, an association of dry cleaners. “Most of the dry cleaners have a problem with rayon,” she said. The most frequent difficulty involves the stiffening agents, called sizing or finish, that give the fabric its drape.

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An outlet connection is created when you need to send a message from your code to a user interface object in Xcode’s storyboard. The object can be a control, such as a button, a slider, and a switch, or it can be any other object defined in your storyboard, such as a label and a progress bar. For example, when your code determines that a label should display some texts, the code sends a message through the outlet telling the label to display the new text..

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