EU pioneers to meet without Cameron after Brexit vote

EU leaders

EU leaders

European Union pioneers are to start the second day of their summit in Brussels – however without the UK after it a week ago voted to leave the coalition.

On Tuesday British PM David Cameron told the other 27 pioneers that exchange and security co-operation would be imperative whatever the future connections.

Germany’s Angela Merkel encouraged the EU to “regard the outcome” of the UK vote.

Yet, she and different pioneers reestablished their get for Britain to set out arrangements for leaving as quickly as time permits.

They demand there can be no transaction before the UK has formally summoned Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which will trigger the withdrawal talks.

‘Awesome concern’

Tuesday’s meeting in Brussels was Cameron’s last EU summit, after he reported his aim to remain around October.

The 27 different pioneers will in a matter of seconds assemble in the Belgian funding to talk about the future without the UK. This has not happened for over 40 years.

The BBC’s Chris Morris in Brussels says there will be calls for solidarity and for change, and guarantees should be put into practice rapidly in light of the fact that the UK submission has shaken Europe to the center.

On Tuesday, Cameron said whatever remains of the EU needed to have the “nearest conceivable” association with the UK after Brexit.

In any case, he said migration was an “awesome worry” among UK voters and squaring this with access to the EU single business sector would be an “immense test”.

In Brussels, German lawmakers demanded the UK can’t “filter out” parts of the EU.

Merkel focused on that the UK must acknowledge free development in the event that it needed to hold access to the single business sector.

“We as a whole lamented the outcome and clarified that the legitimate strategy must be that the UK summons Article 50,” she said. ” Cameron said he would hand it over to the new government to do. We as a whole concurred that before that point, there can be no formal or casual transactions.”

She included: “We can see no real way to turn this around. It’s not a period for pie in the sky considering, but rather of thinking about the truth.”

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said the UK did not have “months to ruminate” on initiating Article 50.

“On the off chance that somebody from the Remain camp will get to be British PM, this must be done in two weeks after his arrangement,” he said.

“On the off chance that the following British PM is originating from the Leave crusade, it ought to be done the day after his arrangement.”

Cameron told journalists the dialogs had been “quiet, useful and deliberate”.

He said there was “general appreciation” for the UK’s choice to leave regardless of a “tone of pity and lament”.

While the EU needed more data about the UK’s arranging arranges going ahead and an “unmistakable model showing up”, he said there was an affirmation this would take some time and “no incredible noise” for converses with start straight away.






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