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What is Merchant Shares?



I can tell you what Merchant Shares isn’t. It is not a short live HYIP. If you are looking for a good investment opportunity that is set up for longevity then Merchant Shares is the place to be. This is not a get rich in a matter of days or even hours this is truly and passive income investment opportunity. There are 4 different ways to invest with Merchant Shares and the profits from each of these differ from day to day. There is a guaranteed miminum profit of .25% up to a maximum of 2.25% per day.

Is Merchant Shares limited to certain countries?

Merchant Shares is not limited to any country so anyone from any country may join as long as they are at least 16 years of age. In some cases where there may be a question and you may be asked to verify your identity with 1 or 2 documents

How Does Merchant Shares Work?

The first thing you must do is sign up with Merchant Shares, you can join for free. Then you make a minimum deposit of $20 into any one for the 4 assets that are offered. Your deposit is considered active until it reaches 150% of your deposit. There is no time frame as to how long it will take to reach the 150% threshold. For example if you deposit $100 into any of the assets they offer it stays active until it reaches $150.00. Then you can withdraw or reinvest any or all of your money.


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What are the 4 Assets Offered by Merchant Shares?

The 4 assets that Merchant Shares trade in are Web Ads, Forex, Stocks and Commodities. Each of these has a $20 minimum deposit and each have different earnings each day. The chart below shows the day to day changes of each asset.


Investment catagory

Merchant Shares has a good Refund Policy.

I was a bit surprised to find out that Merchant Shares has a 7 day full refund policy in place. There is a withdrawal fee as is listed on the withdrawal page as well as a 5% commission fee deducted from your refund. If you withdraw any amount from your investments will void the refund and will mean that you have accepted the
program and continue with the program until your investments mature. The refund is a one time only offer. But this a still a good thing as most online opportunities do not have a refund policy at all!


Does Merchant Shares have a Referral System?

Merchant Shares has a very good referral system. It pays you 5% of the investor’s portfolio and the payments are instantly added to your account once the deposit has cleared. However you will not get commissions from reinvested monies from your referrals.

Do I have to make an Investment Before I can Start Earning Commissions?

The answer in a word is NO. Once you have signed up for free with Merchant Shares you can begin to promote the company right away. In other words you could possibly start making money without using one dime of your own.

Is Merchant Shares a HYIP program?

I can honestly say that I do not consider Merchant Shares a HYIP program. The reason is simple and that is because they do not promise huge returns on investments in a short period of time. The company is a real trading company trading in Forex, Commodities, Stocks and Web Ads. The company is legally registered with the Commonwealth of Dominica you can see all the documentation by clicking here. They started the company in January of 2007 so they have been around for about 9 years where as most HYIP’s do not last nearly that long.

Merchant Shares Tutorial

The video below is a short tutorial of how Merchant Shares works, this should help you to understand a little better of how this company operates.


 My Verdict of Merchant Shares


If you are looking for a legitimate investment company without all the promises of high returns in a day or two. Merchant Shares is the place to be. This is the real deal when it comes to investment companies. Personally I have started investing myself and I am planning to use part of the income from this as a retirement plan.







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