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  • Prices beginning from $4.99
  • 890+ VPN servers in 190+ nations (121060+ IP addresses)
  • 30 days cash back insurance
  • Fully compatibile on all Devices and Operating Systems
  • Offers L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN and SSL conventions

Plans and Pricing

HideMyAss offers three evaluating plans:


monthly plan

These are undiscounted costs (despite the fact that the crossed out unique costs show generally) that stay dynamic on the HideMyAss site around the year. HideMyAss draws out any significant rebates for clients a couple times every year – so ensure you continue checking the site each time a worldwide occasion comes around.


Highlighted Feature

On the off chance that you set aside the extra administrations that HideMyAss offers (more on this later) and judge HideMyAss entirely for VPN administrations, the main interesting offering recommendation that HideMyAss has is the server quality. It is maybe the main trademark that permits HideMyAss to stand tall and pleased in the VPN business.


HideMyAss has a different tab on the landing page totting ‘Servers’. Not a great deal of VPN administration suppliers can do that, yet HideMyAss does it with pride. I’m talking 890+ VPN servers spread out crosswise over in 310 areas in 190 nations. That gives HideMyAss the ability to make more than 121060+ IP addresses accessible for its VPN clients.


A vast convergence of HideMyAss’ servers is situated in the United States (Over 300). The second biggest convergence of HideMyAss’ servers is situated in European nations, trailed by server checks in the UK locale and the North American/Canadian areas. Asian, South American, Central American and African locales have no less than one server in every nation.

The server locator on the site is truly clever yet I some way or another vibe that it would have been exceptional if HideMyAss had exhibited a server-load dissemination rather than a basic rundown gloating the server number.

HideMyAss offers OpenVPN,PPTP and L2TP on all servers – and I’m exceptionally awed with the IP consider posting great, yet the greater part of that data is futile for me in the event that I don’t know the amount of burden which server is as of now experience. All that jazz does not by any stretch of the imagination include more than a superficial utility to my client experience.


HideMyAss Android App


Android App

With HideMyAss Android App, you can secure your gadget as well as you can observe all the blocked motion pictures and TV appears and can get to all the blocked sites too. Setting up HideMyAss on Android is a genuinely simple assignment and you can set it up effortlessly with no bother.

The HideMyAss App for Android is effortlessly accessible on Google Play and can be downloaded for nothing. The application is upheld by every one of the gadgets that have Android adaptation 4.0 or up. For those of you who are thinking about the amount of space does HMA Android App need to keep running on your gadgets, unwind! It just takes 8.9MB of your stockpiling.

The HideMyAss Android App gives you a chance to pick the server and the IP you wish to interface with. The endeavors that were placed in outlining this application can’t be over looked in light of the fact that you can specifically contact the Customer Support of HMA with the application too! Also, it surrenders you a sign alternative too, on the off chance that you are not a client of HMA.

HideMyAss Android App is an awesome expansion to your Android gadgets that works ponders and gives you confinement free access to every one of the sites and extreme security against programmers and malware.

Testing the HideMyAss Software for Windows

I chose to take the HideMyAss customer for Windows for a test run.


windows software

The “Dashboard” is your essential login territory, convention choice menu and speedy server-determination drop-down rundown.

Each time I attempted to associate with a server, I wound up with a pop-up window telling me that the server was stacked:

‘The server you are attempting to associate with is stacked more than 30% of every single other server from the city’

The pop-up window would prescribe another city to me and give me 30 seconds to choose on the off chance that I needed to associate with the suggested server. I would consent to the suggestion, just to be confronted with the same message and again and this time confronted with another server proposal. Not cool!

The ‘Nation Selection’ device gives you a chance to be as exacting however you see fit server choice. You can sort nations taking into account convention sort, or you can investigate the implicit guide on the off chance that you need.

The IP Address Settings tab will give you a chance to roll out improvements to the day and age after which the HideMyAss customer will change your IP. The tab additionally has an IP address distinguishing choice that gives you a chance to affirm if your IP has changed yet or not. Nothing unique here truly.

On the off chance that you ask me, I think ‘Secure IP Bind’ is HideMyAss’ method for compensating for the nonattendance of Split Tunneling highlight. It is basically a safeguard that permits HideMyAss to keep a beware of utilization you use to associate with the web.

The element triggers (for applications you recognize) when you neglect to switch on HideMyAss before you start utilizing them. It additionally works if your VPN association with the HideMyAss server separates for any reason amid your surfing session.

In both cases, the Secure IP tie highlight impairs your application from interfacing with the web – until you reactivate your VPN by reconnecting to a VPN server. Really flawless, yet not a sufficient substitute for Split Tunneling.


Client Support

HideMyAss utilizes a multi-pillared client emotionally supportive network:

  • Email
  • Blog
  • Community
  • HideMyAss Support Page (Knowledge Base)
  • LiveChat

Installment Methods

HideMyAss offers four installment techniques:

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank and Wire Transfer

HideMyAss will give you the choice to Auto-Renew your membership in the event that you select either ‘Charge card’ or “Paypal” as an installment strategy.

Likewise, it justifies highlighting that HideMyAss is not a major one for extension where installment strategies are related.

Contingent upon which one of the four installment strategies you select, the HideMyAss site will forward you to the entryway for that installment strategy.





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