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Is the business sector for video altering suites in the $100 value range getting to be oversaturated? It absolutely appears that, every week, another new program goes along with this undeniably swarmed pack. In any case, luckily, there’s dependably space for a skilled new version.

Ulead’s new VideoStudio 11 comes in two flavors: the fundamental version, which retails for $90, and the Plus release for $130, which includes HD and a few other powerful elements to the blend.

Highlights Common to Both Formats

The DV-to-DVD Wizard is composed both for newcomers to DVD altering and for the individuals who just need a speedy technique for getting video out of the camcorder and onto a circle. The product recognizes the scene begins and stops and permits the client to pick which fragments to incorporate on the DVD. Clicking a radio catch sets the video’s date and time as a subtitle on the finished video, ideal for recollecting the date of that last trek to Yellowstone. At long last, click Start, and the product goes to work, altering the chose scenes together, including one of various preset topics picked by the client and afterward smoldering the plate.

Just marginally more included, Movie Wizard highlights multi-overlay layouts to effortlessly make some smooth picture-in-picture impacts. The Wizard’s subjects tie in with famous family exercises, for example, travel, weddings, new children and school.

The Movie Wizard additionally makes slideshows rapidly, by utilizing a cluster catch technique to import bunches of .jpegs all the while, which you can then pare down to precisely the pictures you need. At that point you pick the suitable subject, and your slideshow is finished.

It’s additionally conceivable to start a venture in one of the Wizards and after that port it over to VideoStudio’s more strong Editor window. Its GUI puts the course of events at the base of the screen and a just about video window at the upper left. The Plus adaptation’s altering GUI’s timetable permits you to indicate six video overlays, for titles, picture-in-picture, and lower third design, among others.

Furthermore Version Tames AVCHD Format


The most noteworthy things that VideoStudio 11 Plus adds to the condition are HD and encompass sound backing. It can catch and alter HD video from HDV or AVCHD camcorders, creator HD ventures and copy to HD DVD circles. It additionally bolsters Dolby Digital 5.1 sound creation and offers more yield choices to cell phones, for example, iPod, Zune and PSP.

Sony’s AVCHD position has gotten somewhat of a bum rap as being hard to alter. To encourage altering of that organization, the Plus variant of VideoStudio 11 embeds AVCHD design into a MPEG wrapper while it is importing it from the camcorder. Obviously, it will include that wrapper while it ports just from the camcorder, not to footage as of now on the PC. We tried this by attempting to import local AVCHD-organized documents. Obviously, it didn’t work. Meanwhile, to work with AVCHD, you’ll have to catch by means of the camcorder or AVCHD DVD circle from that camcorder.

For altering pre-recorded tapes, VideoStudio Plus’ Ad Zapper capacity finds and chooses plugs, permitting you to erase them rapidly. The altering GUI has a shading adjustment applet to reestablish appropriate white equalization to dull footage shot on the fly. Different channels tidy up video ancient rarities. For those amassing a slideshow, it’s conceivable to add the same move impact to all slides with only a couple of keystrokes, which incredibly speeds the altering procedure.

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Sound Investments

Both projects support prevalent sound configurations and accompany 26 eminence free stock tunes to kick another client off. You can alter the sound volume by means of the standard course of events “elastic band” GUI. This component can be programmed, as the system can embed blurs to match music with the current course of events.

The encompass sound blender in the Plus adaptation incorporates a graphical representation of a home theater back projection TV and going with encompass speaker framework. In 5.1 mode, sliders consider the arrangement and volume conformity of every solid component, and the project will consequently port a portion of the higher frequencies of a stereo music soundtrack into the back frequencies, for an encompass impact.

Rendering is constantly a standout amongst the most processor-concentrated components of video writing, and VideoStudio Plus has a supportive Pause capacity incorporated with this mode. This is especially helpful when you require more processor capacities amid what can be a to some degree protracted procedure. The rendering procedure additionally takes into consideration the making of sound just records. This is a to a great degree convenient capacity for the individuals who like to port the sound to a particular recording program for extra stable changes.

Rendering permits you to port video straight to a Macintosh iPod or other convenient gadget or to a DV or HD camcorder to make a reinforcement tape. A Smart Packaging capacity inside both system positions packages together all components of a video (cuts, sound, still pictures, and so on.) into one organizer on the hard drive, making it conceivable to rapidly file a video and its parts for future altering. With everything taken into account, that is a great deal of elements for an altering suite in the $100 territory. To be honest, I’d avoid the fundamental bundle and spring the additional $40 for the Plus form.

So yes, it’s an undeniably swarmed market for altering suites, yet VideoStudio 11 Plus appears like an extraordinary expansion for somebody with some past involvement with more fundamental altering programming, who needs to move up to an exceptionally utilitarian project, without the run of the mill costly cost.



Least System Requirements

Stage: Windows XP/Vista

Processor: Intel Pentium 4

Working System Windows XP (SP2) Home Edition/Professional/x64 Edition, Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition, Microsoft Windows Vista

Memory: 512MB (2GB prescribed for non-intermediary HDV)

Hard Drive: 1GB hard circle free space for project establishment

Show Windows-perfect showcase with 1024×768, 16-bit shading illustrations card; 24-bit or 32-bit genuine nature suggested

Suggested System for Non-Proxy HDV Editing

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz or higher with Hyper-Threading innovation required for non-intermediary HDV altering

Working System: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 for HDV camcorder support

Memory: 2GB RAM or more suggested for HD ventures

Other: PCI Express x16 show connector; IEEE 1394 (FireWire) I/O gadgets consistent with OHCI standard cards for use with HDV/DV/D8 camcorders. Simple catch cards for simple camcorders (VFW and WDM support for XP and Broadcast Driver Architecture support for Vista). Simple and advanced TV catch gadget (Broadcast Driver Architecture support)


• Plus rendition bolsters designs running from HD to PDA and ‘Net video

• Editing support for Sony AVCHD design

• Rapid formation of fundamental circles and more nitty gritty altering conceivable


• Standard rendition appears to be repetitive contrasted with effectively reasonable Plus


Skip fundamental adaptation of VideoStudio; go to VideoStudio Plus. Fundamental and force clients will every discover much to profit by there.






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