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Today Microsoft’s Windows XP working framework formally turns 10 years of age. While PC creators began taking requests for new PCs with Windows XP introduced a couple of weeks preceding October 25, 2001, this was the day that shoppers could stroll into a store and purchase a duplicate of the OS keeping in mind the end goal to upgrade their present PCs to the new form of Windows.

after 10 years, Windows XP is still utilized on a huge amount of PCs around the globe. This was expected partially on the grounds that Microsoft chose not to discharge a noteworthy new upgrade to Windows until 2007 with Windows Vista. Nonetheless, Vista never got on with either organizations nor people in general because of bugs and poor equipment driver support. Accordingly, numerous individuals didn’t try moving up to Windows Vista and held up until Windows 7 was discharged in 2009 to overhaul to another variant. Windows XP is simply beginning to lose its hold among PC clients, as per late measurements.

The world has changed a considerable measure in the most recent decade and positively the PC business has changed as it confronts rivalry from new cell phones and tablets. In any case, 10 years prior, Microsoft had individuals remaining in line at their nearby programming stores to purchase their product. We now realize that Windows XP ended up being the best and the longest enduring working framework that Microsoft ever created. In any case, what were the surveys like at the season of its discharge.

CNet’s survey of Windows XP Home Edition, back on September 8, 2001, gave the OS four out of five stars. It said that the new UI for Windows XP, when contrasted with Windows 95/98/Me, looked vastly different. It finished up:

While its new, hand-holding “assignment situated” configuration may disturb experienced clients, Microsoft all things considered figured out how to make an OS that functions similarly well for fledglings, corporate clients, and fans. Regardless of robust framework necessities (a Pentium II-300 or quicker, 128MB of RAM, and 1.5GB of free circle space), grave item enactment, and some not really evident touting of Microsoft’s business accomplices, you’ll need to consider a redesign – if not promptly, surely whenever you purchase a PC.

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It’s fascinating to peruse about the “robust” equipment specs for Windows XP now. Numerous cell phones that are available now effectively surpass the processor, RAM and storage room that is expected to run Windows XP.

ActiveWin looked into the Windows XP Professional Edition 10 years back. In general the site gave the OS an audit score of 84.9 (out of 100). It brought down a few focuses on its high cost furthermore on its applications support. Be that as it may, general it adulated Windows XP. The conclusion said:

Microsoft has listened to their clients by including numerous new components they were asking. Not just is Windows XP a standout amongst the most solid working frameworks ever discharged yet it additionally offers a remarkable level of sociability because of an easy to understand interface that incorporates savvy upgrades to adjust the framework to the way clients work. Indeed Windows XP is a fortune joining a wonder of origination, a perfect outline, and creative components; at the end of the day: it’s justified regardless of the hold up!

From a PC gaming point of view, the FiringSquad site posted its survey on October 29, 2001. It gave it an evaluation of 85 (out of 100). By and by, Windows XP was pummeled for some high framework necessities. The survey included, “The inquiry just comes down to regardless of whether you require as well as need the new elements that Windows XP offers. In case you’re a gamer and are fulfilled by Windows 98SE, definitely, don’t update and hazard losing the capacity to play some of your most loved diversions.”

By and large, FiringSquad gave Windows XP high checks, saying:

By and large, Windows XP addresses numerous issues that clients have been requesting to say the least. For those waiting on Windows 95, 98 or NT4 machines, Windows XP gives a strong establishment on which to develop on. Will undoubtedly be clients who will redesign regardless of what we say, and practically, Windows XP is an all around outlined, all around executed and very much bolstered item. For the overall public, you can’t turn out badly by moving to Windows XP, however you can’t be 100% fulfilled either.

The site additionally went facilitate and did an execution test of Windows XP with various amusements and benchmark devices. The last finish of those tests was likewise positive with FiringSquad saying:

In the wake of running these tests, and accepting that these benchmarks give a not too bad gauge of what’s in store, we can reason that XP does not represent an execution hazard. The greater part of the scores were either keeping pace with Win2K or superior to anything it. Win98SE took a few leads in a couple of the tests, yet strength on that OS is something that is left to be craved.


Windows XP absolutely had more than its offer of backing and prevalence. In any case, things are at last evolving. Windows 7 is presently immovably set up on a little lion’s share of PCs on the planet (contingent upon what insights you utilize) Once more, Windows 8’s discharge is coming soon. Microsoft keeps on encouraging individuals, particularly vast organizations, who have yet to update from Windows XP to do as such to Windows 7 and not hold up until Windows 8 turns out.

Authoritatively, Microsoft will no more offer specialized backing nor any product moves up to Windows XP after April 2014. Despite the fact that Microsoft will do its level best to get PC clients to change to Windows 7 or 8, it’s more than likely that there will even now be countless around the globe that will at present run Windows XP. It just demonstrates that on the off chance that you make a fruitful and stable working framework, heaps of people would prefer not to mess around with a noteworthy overhaul in the event that they don’t have to.





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