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fans have waited for has arrived The Carolina Panthers have hosted big games before. But don’t you love the three game series that begins Sunday night with the Philadelphia Eagles? Each of the visiting teams offers a quality that’s compelling. The Eagles are Sunday night, national television. The Colts are Monday night, national television. The Packers don’t need a night. They’re the Packers. Because the Eagles dare to be different, a lot of people rejoice when
cheap nfl jerseys they fail. And as much we implore coaches to gamble, we’re unforgiving when the gamble fails. Go for it, go for it, go for it you went for it? What were you thinking? Head coach Chip Kelly, you collected running backs in the offseason and you don’t play the way you’re supposed to. What are you thinking? Kelly is thinking he has a style for which opponents will struggle to prepare. The Eagles don’t
cheap jerseys practice, he says. They train. The statement would be a little pretentious if it weren’t extremely pretentious. Philadelphia’s offense is like
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