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Chicago market. This isn’t a provincial look overstating the appeal of the Cubs GM job.
cheap nfl jerseys china This is the impression based on early feedback to Ricketts and conversations with several baseball executives who realize the possibilities that exist on the North Side. Unlike Hendry, the next Cubs general manager will enjoy stable ownership willing to commit resources at every level. He will work in one of America’s best baseball cities at a ballpark pegged to undergo a$400 million renovation with a loyal to a fault fan base that continues to replenish revenue streams. The next Cubs GM will inherit a minor league system that, since Ricketts took over, has invested more heavily than ever in the draft and Latin America. He will find an organization, from Wrigley
cheap jerseys china to Boise and every level in between, full of technological upgrades that have helped the Cubs catch up to everybody else in the 21st century. He will take over a Major League roster that will shed as much as $50 million in
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