Some of them were torn

Some of them were torn, ripped or stained with blood. Some were unrecognizable. But there was a Tim Hortons shirt. Just asked him point blank what do you want to do this year. Do you want to be a coach for us or something like that just to stay involved with the team and he kinda looked at me and said I don expect to start or anything but the doctor has cleared me and I want to go. Was kinda floored by that.

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wholesale nfl jerseys Rather, it creates vast contempt from the Rule Nazi because I am so laxadasical about the sport that the players on my team can not possibly be learning the game appropriately. My favorite comment from this particular Rule Nazi came mid way through the game when his fellow coach had the audacity to call our play safe in a close play. Apparently the RN (no, he didn’t suddenly become a Registered Nurse, but I got tired of writing “Rule Nazi” over and over again) took issue with the call but after getting little satisfaction from his fellow coach despite several attempts to argue one of the more arcane points in the little league rule book, the exasperated RN spat at the other coach “I’ll have to explain it to you later.” Roughly translated, what the RN actually said was, “you pathetic moron I will explain America’s pastime to you after this inning, assuming you haven’t so severely handicapped our team as to make it useless to continue on with the game.”. wholesale nfl jerseys

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