Hrithik Roshan: Was helped by the kindest staff at Istanbul airport


  Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan and his sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan were at Istanbul airport hours before a suicide bomb attack that has killed 36 people, reports The Times of India. The actor tweeted about the staff, praising them as the kindest staff he had come across. Hrithik and his sons actually missed the connecting flight at Istanbul and were stuck at the airport because they could not get business

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EU ‘strong enough’ to survive Brexit: Merkel

strong enough

German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday said that the EU could survive a Brexit and warned Britain the union would not tolerate “cherry-picking” in upcoming negotiations on their future relations. “The EU is strong enough to withstand Britain’s withdrawal,” she told the German parliament ahead of a crisis summit of the 28 member states in Brussels. “It is also strong enough to successfully defend its interests in the world in future.”

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‘What are you doing here?’


Driving Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage was booed and bothered in a rowdy exceptional session of the European Parliament on Tuesday as he blamed the EU for forcing a superstate on its natives and anticipated different nations would leave the coalition like Britain. Confronting Farage, who sat with a British “Union Jack” banner planted on the table before him, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker asked: “What are you doing here?” At

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EU could drop English as official tongue


English, the world’s second dialect and the fundamental working tongue of EU establishments, may never again be an official dialect of the European Union once Britain leaves the coalition, a senior EU legislator said on Monday. The typical, if unfeasible, move would facilitate decrease London’s impact on the landmass, and anger the Irish. Every part state has the privilege to designate one EU colloquialism. Albeit English is the most talked

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There could be a second submission


English wellbeing priest Jeremy Hunt yesterday raised the likelihood of holding a second submission on the terms of Britain’s takeoff from the European Union, however focused on Britain “must” leave the alliance. The priest, who said he was thinking about running for the administration of the Conservative party taking after the abdication of Prime Minister David Cameron, demanded that Britain must keep up access to the EU’s organized commerce zone,

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Israeli authority: Reconciliation bargain came to with Turkey


Israel has achieved a compromise manage Turkey to end an astringent six-year crack between the Mideast controls, an authority said Sunday. Relations between the previous close associates imploded in 2010 after an Israeli maritime assault that killed nine Turkish activists, including a double American subject, who were on a boat attempting to rupture Israel’s barricade of the Gaza Strip. Taking after the episode, Turkey pulled back its minister to Israel

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Corbyn office “subverted” EU Remain crusade


The leader’s surrendered. Nobody knows who the following inhabitant of No 10 will be. Also, today, probably the most senior figures in the Labor Party are attempting to push their pioneer out as well. There have been worries about Jeremy Corbyn’s execution for quite a long time and months. Yet, it was his part, or absence of part, in the battle to keep the UK in the EU, and his

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For Trump and Brexit voters, echoes of the same disappointments


At the heart of the battle that drove Britain to vote to leave the European Union was a longing to recover autonomy lost in the midst of a globalized world. It’s the same sort of feeling that Donald Trump rode to wind up the possible Republican chosen one in the US, where he battles to put “America first” and “make America extraordinary once more.” “I want to see individuals take

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Singapore plane bursts into flames on runway

Singapore plane

A Singapore Airlines plane headed for Milan burst into flames not long after making a crisis arrival. Flight SQ368, which withdrew at 02:05 nearby time on Monday (18:00 GMT Sunday), was two hours into the flight when the pilot declared there was a motor issue. The plane turned back and arrived before the right motor of the Boeing 777 burst into flares. Each of the 222 travelers and 19 group

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Germany discounts casual arrangements


There can be no discussions on Brexit before the UK formally starts the procedure to stop the EU, Germany’s legislature says. The UK would be given a “sensible measure of time”, yet there must be no impasse, a representative said. The pioneers of Germany, France and Italy meet later in Berlin, with the velocity of transactions for Britain’s way out high on the motivation. UK Finance Minister George Osborne has

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