Rolling Stone admitted

Rolling Stone admitted that it ‘overstays its welcome’, and the length didn’t do it any favours in the eyes of one critic at Detroit Free Press. ”The Conjuring 2′ can’t hold a candle to its predecessor’, they said, criticising the ‘shock jumps and cheesy looking demons’ as ‘repetitive and obvious’. It was a bit of an eye roller for Indiewire too, who called it ‘a smart movie driven by dumb scares’ and slammed it for being ‘riddled with overindulgence’..

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Typically when eating out we go without desserts, but with a choice of eight mouth watering desserts all under 5, it would be hard to leave without trying one of them. The Pannacotta ( 3.95) was perfectly formed, smooth and creamy. The Crostata di Fragole ( 4.25), a strawberry, mascarpone and vanilla tart, was light and fresh..

Third, as part of its long term street furniture contract with CBS/JCDecaux, the city installed eight automated public toilets in the downtown area. These toilets are automatically cleaned and sanitized after each use, available to the public for free, and are in service year round, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The large toilets (such as the one at Main and Terminal) are wheelchair accessible.

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