Scotland Minister Sturgeon says MSPs at Holyrood could veto Brexit

Scotland Minister

Scotland Minister

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has told the BBC that Holyrood could attempt to obstruct the UK’s way out from the EU.

She was talking taking after a submission on Thursday which saw Britain vote by 52% to 48% to leave Europe.

In any case, in Scotland the photo was diverse with 62% support Remain and 38% needing to go.

SNP pioneer Sturgeon said that “obviously” she would request that MSPs decline to give their “authoritative assent”.

In a meeting with the BBC’s Sunday Politics Scotland program she was asked what the Scottish Parliament would do now.

Sturgeon, whose gathering has 63 of the 129 Holyrood seats, said: “The issue you are discussing is would there must be an authoritative assent movement or movements for the enactment that removes the UK from the European Union?

“Taking a gander at it from an intelligent point of view, I think that its difficult to trust that there wouldn’t be that necessity – I think that the UK government will take an altogether different perspective on that and we’ll need to see where that examination winds up.”

At the point when Sturgeon was asked by moderator Gordon Brewer whether she would consider requesting that the parliament not back such a movement of administrative assent she answered “obviously”.

She included: “If the Scottish Parliament was passing judgment on this on the premise of what’s a good fit for Scotland then the alternative of saying look we’re not to vote in favor of something that is against Scotland’s enthusiasm, obviously that is got the chance to be on the table.”

Prior on Sunday, Sturgeon said that she and her partners would start conversing with Brussels authorities one week from now about Scotland staying in the EU.

The day after the full result was known, the Scottish pioneer affirmed that a second Scottish autonomy submission was back on the table.

In September 2014, individuals in Scotland voted to stay a part of the UK.


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