The euro added a penny against the dollar

The euro added a penny against the dollar, hitting $1.346, its highest since Dec. 8. Greece made a formal offer to creditors to swap their Greek government bonds for new ones, another step toward knocking $142 billion off its debts. These are places where we come to learn. It is an educational opportunity for our school kids. It is a place, again, to come and explore together, said Kimmel.Another possible concern is competition with the New Orleans Aquarium.

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They have not noticed any of the volcanic ash that canceled their flight, although it has been somewhat hazy, Jacobson said. Two fundraisers have been planned to help offset the costs. The trip is funded through such events and not the district. Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce chief economic development officer Liz Murray Tallman Tuesday also was celebrating that this latest project comes on the heels of a new Kraft Heinz plant west of the proposed Sterilite site. “This is a testament to our region’s focused effort on economic development,” she said. “Projects of this magnitude come along once in a decade, and two back to back investments show the impact of making this region marketable on a national scale and creating a successful business climate.”.

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CHICAGO Fire up the ol family station wagon it Hockey jerseys gonna be a great summer to be a Griswold. That the verdict of government economists who are forecasting the cheapest vacation season gas prices in a dozen years. Energy Information Administration estimate issued Wednesday.

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