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Ossip had four grandchildren, Scot Berenyi of Tennessee, Frank Berenyi of Winterport, Garth Berenyi of Levant and Christopher Resnick of Texas; seven great grandchildren, one sister, Vera Burdoff of New Jersey. Tuesday at Saint George Greek Orthodox Church with the Rev. Fr.

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wholesale jerseys The referees can tell for sure who touched the ball last, so their judgment call remains word. When they can, their judgment is reversed, and no one has a problem with that.So, on Sunday we had the critical play to decide the Cavaliers Warriors game a possible preview of the NBA Finals and it can be reviewed, because it involved a possible foul instead of a ball going out of bounds? I would submit that you can watch a replay and make a judgment call on whether a player was fouled just as easily, and just as often, as you can watch a replay and tell who touched the ball last before it went out of bounds, and that it is just as important to do so.Is stepping on an opponent foot and bumping him to impede his progress a foul, or not a foul? If that had happened in the middle of the first quarter, would it have been more likely called as a foul?Sunday trip play on Durant warranted a much closer look, at the very least.Here, by the way, ABC failed miserably, not enough discussing the play as it hurried on to the next game. Whenever possible on controversial calls, the network also should be involved in any pool reporting of the crew chief and it should air the response to questions wholesale jerseys.


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