Trojan football ready for

Trojan football ready for round 3 GHSA playoff match

The Brooks County Trojans have charged their way to an impressive 11 1 record and continue to win big in the playoffs, scoring over 50 points in both match ups. After an impressive 55 28 win over Bleckley County, the Trojans have still been working to perfect their offense.

“We still have a long way to go. They’re working hard and we’re doing some great things, but I think we can continue to work and clean it up,” said Brooks County Head Coach Maurice Freeman.

The offense, led by both quarterback and safety Malkom Parrish, has played a huge part in the fluidity of the Trojans offensive attack. Parrish is a dynamic athlete with the ability to make plays with not only his arms, but his legs. Last week against Bleckley, Parrish scored three times on the ground and twice through the air.

This week, the Trojans face the Bowden High Red Devils who boast the same 11 1 record as the Trojans. The Red Devils only lost one game this season against Heard County to finish the regular season, after going on a nine game winning streak to start the season.

Last week, the Trojans were plagued with penalties.

“We did a poor job with penalties, I didn’t expect so many personal fouls, and things of that nature, that worked against us,” commented Freeman. “We had to implement some kind of punishment. We are emphasizing that we should not have any personal fouls or excessive jaw jacking. We have to be smart when we’re playing. You can’t let talking and cheap little things get under your skin to where you have to retaliate.”

Another thing the Trojans pulled off last week was an impressive onside kick by receiver/kicker Deric Herring that they recovered.

“They were lined up 15 yards off the ball on the kickoff. We decided that we could take a shot at it. We’ve been playing well on defense and figured we could stop them if they got it on the 40 or 50 yard line,” said Freeman.

The Trojans have been very impressive this season when the team gets the ball first.

“We are playing better when we get the ball first; our intensity picks up,” mentioned Freeman.

The Trojans extended their home winning streak last week once again, a streak that began at the beginning of the 2012 season.

“We emphasize on playing at home a lot. We wish we could play every game at home, even the state championship, which is our goal,” said Freeman. “We are doing well at home and want to keep that going.”

This week at practice, the Trojans have been working daily, even on Thanksgiving, to perfecting their team.

On offense, the Trojans worked fast, scoring against Bleckley County in the first two minutes of cheap jerseys play. Parrish and running back Mitavius Brooks are a dynamic duo when running the option. The team also makes great use of receiver Herring’s 4.4 speed to run reverses and receiver flip plays.

“We are working to speed up the tempo. They (Bowden) have a lot of kids that play on both sides of the ball, so we want to speed the game up,” said Freeman.

On defense, the Trojans have done well at defending their slogan of “bringing the hammer”. In practice this week, the Trojan defense has been working on tackling and breaking on the ball to create turnovers.

“We have to continue to tackle better. We should have intercepted a few passes, one was deflected, and one was caught. We have to work on that,” said Freeman. “We also are working on bringing more force off the edges.”

Defensive tackles Tyvonte Maxwell and Darren Anderson are big factors to the defense as the Red Devils are prone to running the ball. It will be up to the tackles to clog the middle to keep the yardage gain minimal.


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