“We believe the voters should now have the chance to express

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cheap Canada Goose Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane said his opposition party would bring the motion to dissolve parliament to the assembly on Thursday and request that it be debated as soon as possible.Zuma, who has been dogged by accusations of corruption and mismanaging the economy, survived an attempt in parliament on Tuesday to force him from office. But he was left cheap canada goose politically wounded after some members of his ruling African National Congress (ANC) party voted with the opposition.Maimane told a news conference in Cape Town that the result showed the ANC was divided and the country needed “a new beginning”.”The ANC may have won in the no confidence motion in parliament yesterday, but it has lost the confidence of the country,” Maimane said.”We believe the voters should now have the chance to express their opinion about the conduct of the ANC Canada Goose Outlet in defending Jacob Zuma. In short, we believe that parliament should be dissolved now so that the country can hold an early election.”Zuma’s term as South Africa’s president is due to run until 2019.It was not clear whether the motion would be allowed and parliamentary officials could not be reached for comment cheap Canada Goose.


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